About the company

Bowles Energy, Inc. is an independent oil and gas operating company based in Longview, Texas.  The firm aggressively locates opportunities for drilling wells or improving production from existing wells, plans projects to capitalize on those opportunities and invites participation of others.  The guiding philosophy is to drill in proven fields, acquire wells with known potential and avoid debt so that investors achieve high return balanced by low risk and maximum income tax benefits.  The success rate on drilling projects is over 90%.

Although not incorporated until 1999, Bowles Energy, Inc. has deep roots that were planted in East Texas oil and gas fields in the mid - 70s by the company's founder, Dennis J. Bowles, Sr. known affectionately by friends and colleagues as "Spike".  The company's roots began in 1977 with Bowles Properties, Inc.  Bowles Energy, Inc. was later established to separate Dennis' oil and gas operating activities from other ventures.  Dennis currently serves as Chairman Emeritus, using his experience and intellect to assist in guiding the firm's current officers, his sons:  Bradford, Patrick & Jeffrey.

Bowles Energy, Inc. commands the enviable means of full-service operating company while minimizing the corresponding burdens.  The Land Department, which proficiently conducts the firm's leasing and title activities, is organized as a separate corporation owned by the Bowles brothers:  East Texas Resources, Inc.   Similarly, most of the field infrastructure operated by Bowles Energy, Inc.  (pipelines, compressors, etc.) is actually owned by yet another Bowles entity, East Texas Resources Metering Systems, Inc.  Expert marketing contractors are engaged to assure optimum prices for day-to-day production.

Thus, Bowles Energy, Inc. is able to do business in behalf of investors efficiently and thoroughly, attested to by the fact that Bowles family members themselves buy heavily into the company's projects both individually and through other entities that they own.  When a project has been launched, Bowles Energy, Inc. conducts the drilling, workover or recompletion activities and operates the wells on a long term basis.  Important responsibilities include collecting sales, deducting expenses and disbursing royalty and working-interest revenues.